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Companies are investing a lot of effort in customizing their applications to improve customer experience and make the overall application surfing intuitive and engaging. Since every company is completely different with its own custom needs, a custom web application development company should invest considerable amount of time in learning the business model, key activities of business and then propose a custom app development solution tailored to specific needs.

Most companies initiate a custom web development project being optimistic about the successful completion of the project. However, many times things don't go as planned. This allows us to truly partner with our clients and focus on kicking ass in Voltron formation with your team.






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Web Development Services

We provide a wide range of services. At Ideamagix, we dig deep, understand our client’s objectives and unique business challenges to provide the best suited web app solution.

  • Static Website Development A static website contains a web page that has fixed content.
  • Dynamic Website Development A dynamic website contains a collection of webpages that change dynamically.
  • Web Portal Development A webportal acts like a single access point for different kinds of information.
  • Web Application Development Web Application Development is related to the process of creating a web application.
  • CMS Website Development CMS website development helps you to manage,create and edit what goes on a website.
  • PHP Web Development PHP is a scripting language that is used to create a dynamic website.
  • Laravel Development A web application framework, that helps make web development tasks easier.
  • E-Commerce Website Development We develop e-commerce websites that are reliable.
Why Us

What Sets Us Apart?

We are a full-service website development company and we provide you end-to-end support from conceptualization, feasibility assessment to design, development, testing and release.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Delivering high-quality products consistently with the strongest QA standards in place and ensure to stick to strict guidelines to save your organization's reputation, time, and money.

Responsive Web Development

Responsive Web Development

We help businesses get a one-size-fits-all solution through responsive web development strategies that dynamically eliminates the coding and management efforts for multiple interfaces.

Agile Approach

Agile Approach

We follow the Scrum Agile methodology for all of solution design, development, delivery and support.

Awesome Designs

Awesome Designs

We work on captivating intuitive designs that engage the customers and ensure a reduced bounce rate.

Scalability & Security

Scalability & Security

All our projects have a robust architecture that ensures protection and is built to a scale to work in high-performance environments.

Experienced Teams

Experienced Teams

Highly skilled and qualified team of engineers, designers and architects to build enterprise projects.

Modern Technology

Modern Technology

We work with the latest technology stack to ensure the best services to our customers.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

We have dedicated engineers that monitor your project to ensure that your project runs seamlessly.

Test-Driven Development

Test-Driven Development

All our projects are successfully tested in a test environment before being actually deployed on the live server.


Our Technology Stack

Our work on the project includes UI/UX design, software development, testing, support, and maintenance. We know well and work on a daily basis with a number of technologies and programming languages, such as...

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Other Services

Client-centric Innovative Mobile & Web Solutions

Our work on the project includes UI/UX design , website development , support & maintenance.We know well and work on daily basis with a munber of technologies and programming languages , such as...

Development cycle

The Ideamagix Development Cycle

After nearly 10 years of website development expertise, we have refined a results-driven design methodology to iteratively improve the experience of your customers. Our team utilizes the foundational stages below to tailor a bespoke engagement for each of our clients.


What Clients Love In Working With Us For Website Developemnt

After nearly 10 years of website development expertise, we have refined a results-driven design methodology to iteratively improve the experience of your customers

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How to get started?

So, by now you might have an idea how much it is easy to achieve your online marketing goals. We are just one call away or if you are not in front of your phone, just fill up the contact form and our executives will contact you. After understanding your requirements in a detailed manner, we will draft a strategy based on your business goals. We have various reputed clients who have benefited from working with us. After you have a chat with our experts, you will wonder why you did not contact us before. The service will provide you the best ROI, and make you surge ahead of your competitors. The cost-effective and result-oriented digital marketing strategies will increase your sales which is quantifiable at any given point of time. So, do not be left out and have the best service of search engine optimization India from a reputed agency like us.

How Digital Marketing will help to grow my business?

In digital marketing, it is easy to keep in touch with your group and public with just a single click. According to your business category, you can create the group or channels and keep the good posting infrequently to grow your business.

What sort of businesses do you work with?

Digital Marketing Agency works with businesses large and small. We connect each project with the right professionals who have ample experience working on companies at each scale and specialization. This ensures that the right people are working on each project. Whether you’re a small business looking to reach your local audience or a large, multinational brand looking to launch a new product in numerous markets, we have digital marketing experts who have the experience and passion required to make your marketing campaign a success.

What services does Ideamagix provide?

We are a digital marketing agency that has made notable strides in both organic and paid search markets. The specific services we provide are in our top navigation, comprised of major areas like: search engine optimization, pay per click, social media, reputation management, web development, app development content writing, and email marketing. We help businesses find an audience online, reach that audience with a powerful message, and turn that engagement into a meaningful relationship for long-term benefit. Most businesses need a combined approach to digital marketing. To learn more about how we can help you grow your brand online, reach out to us. We can provide you with a thorough analysis of the services you’ll see the most value out of and the expectations you can have from a custom digital marketing campaign.

Do you work with other agencies?

We often help other agencies with projects that are either larger or more specialized than they are used to handling on their own. If you’re offering digital marketing services and have clients requiring solutions you’re not equipped to handle, please reach out to our business development team.

What locations do you service and what are your hours of operation?

Digital Marketing Agency is headquartered in India but has a presence in the USA, Dubai and other countries as seen on our “contact us” page. We have physical offices around the world and are interested in helping businesses reach both their local and international audiences.

What competitive advantage does Ideamagix offer its clients?

Most other marketing agencies only offer a fraction of what Ideamagix can give their clients. Ideamagix is a one-stop-shop for SEO, PPC, social media marketing, reputation management, web development, app development and more, providing businesses with a single entity to cover all of their needs. Our internal structure enables our teams to work together to produce exceptional results for our clients, building a bridge between each of our services.

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